4 Tips to Handling Bookkeeping Client Issues

Bookkeeper experts frequently wind up in circumstances where you and the customer are indifference. At the point when these cases emerge, who decides on what is “correct” and what is “off-base?” At the point when these circumstances arise, I find there are a few approaches to approach the issue with the goal that everybody included turns out a victor.

Here’s four that tend to work best:

Try not to Make the Client Wrong

As a matter of first importance, it’s normally best to not make your customer off-base. In the event that I am to a great degree sure that my decision is the correct decision, I can back it up with cases where I have settled on a comparable decision for different customers, and how the consequences of that decision were sure. Check here.

Panic them with the IRS

In the event that a customer is by all accounts overlooking your sound exhortation, let them realize what may happen if the IRS were ever to come thumping at the entryway.

Concede When You Don’t Know the Answer

In the event that the customer challenges your insight or aptitude, you can simply react that they might be correct and that you will meet with your associates and hit them up. My customer opened another Line of Credit (LOC) with his bank. He setup the record in the QuickBooks Online (QBO) Chart of Accounts (CoA) and associated the bank nourish.  See more here Bookkeeperco.com.au

When I investigated, I saw he had setup the LOC as a Credit Card account, and not another Current Liability. When I drew this out into the open, he said QBO just offered Bank or Credit Card for bank sustain downloads – he couldn’t setupanother Current Liability in the bank nourish.

Some idea it was alright, some not, but rather no one said it wasn’t right or an awful practice. So, chalk this one up as a win for the customer.

Ask a Bookkeeper Melbourne

In the case of something feels right, or wrong, I may punt the inquiry to the customer’s expense preparer and let him or her make the last call.


The on-location bookkeeper at one of my customers included a cluster of new records to the Chart of Accounts without deliberating with me first. While the CoA as of now had Expense represents dinners, for movement, and for gathering costs, she setup sub-accounts under Conference Expenses for Conference Fees, Conferences-All Other, Conferences-Flights/Baggage, Conferences-Hotels/Lodging, Conferences-Meals, and Conferences-Rental Vehicle/Car Service. I can let you know, I could NEVER have setup records, for example, that on the CoA.

Despite the fact that I didn’t care for the appropriate response, now and then you need to pick and pick your fights, and this was one where I let the customer “win.”


Clashing suppositions will emerge. Utilize your best judgment, counsel with partners and specialists, offer industry articles or IRS guidelines as reinforcement, at that point choose which heading to go. I will never consent to a customer’s position in the event that I feel it is dishonest or unlawful; there might be examples where you will feel constrained to leave from a commitment. In any case, as a rule, an upbeat, lawful medium can be found. See more at Bookkeeper Melbourne. Learn more details at: http://bookkeeperco.com.au/bookkeeper/

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